We are passionate about creating tools for SMEs and helping them grow.

We understand the needs of SMEs and that is why we have developed a custom CRM in Spanish, easy to use and quick to implement to increase prospecting and sales.

Create tasks so no one forgets anything

Asigna tareas a ti y a otros usuarios, comprueba su estado y envía emails recordatorios.s


Create and send quotes

You can make customized quotes for your company and export them to PDF format with just one click.


Create contacts easily and quickly.

Adding new contacts is super easy. You can import and export contacts and customize their data.

Measure your sales effort

You can measure the effectiveness of each of your commercials, analyzing the sales process in real time and the goals achieved, this will help you take improvement actions at the right time.


Manage your sales funnel

The easiest way to keep track of your business. Know, in a single view, what you must do daily with your opportunities, in addition to your closings by date.


Create and manage negotiations.

Create business opportunities with clients and monitor their status (in process, won and lost).


Use it wherever you are

PeraCRM is a cloud software that will allow you to surf from anywhere, you just need a computer with an internet connection.


Segment, qualify and identify opportunities among your customers.

You can search for contacts, filter them, tag them, qualify them, segment them, send them a mass email, and even more.


Integrations that make you grow

Connect to your forms through the WordPress plugin, WebService or the PeraCRM form creator, this way you will manage to centralize all the information within the platform, facilitating the work of your sales team.

Join the digital revolution

Professionalize your business process, improve communication with your customers, simplify your processes and increase your sales.

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