IAB is the Interactive Advertising Bureau, and a few years ago it published a report that shows the importance of responsive technology in the design of web pages and in the design of advertising banners.

The report is called Responsive Design and Creative Ads and it has been established since then that responsive design is the present and future of online marketing. Forcing everyone to apply it to your web design.

The objective of the responsive banner is to make it fit the screen of any device, so as not to miss the opportunity that many users who visit the webs from their mobile phones, tablets or others, can observe and perhaps click on the banners, since after all, the essential purpose of the banner is that the user clicks on it to access the website of the advertiser company. The second is to expect the person to buy a product or subscribe to the website in question.

Why create Responsive Ads banners?

Gone are the old methods in which only Flash was used to create Ads banners, now, and depending on responsive design, marketing agencies use the HTML5 tag language to ensure a design tailored to the new standards and the goal of Make them multi-devices.

With HTLM5 it is also tried to avoid the prolongation in the time of load of the banners. The browser will quickly interpret the code and show it to users. You will not need to update anything in browsers like Chrome or Mozilla, as sometimes happens with Flash.

Advertisers will select publishers with responsive web design, including the «resiliency» of the banners they publish.

You must take into account the type of format in which the banners are presented. For example, videos must also have a responsive design to improve the user experience and sales.

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